The world is in constant motion. It is ever changing. The stocks of companies are either going up or down. There are conflicts over resources like oil and water. Middle-East has been in the throes of war for decades. There are realizations such as a position is never permanent or there are the reverberations of the action taken previously. Everyone in this world has a hand to play in this motion. It may be as small as an executive assistant training to be a senior manager or as large as the biggest companies in the world merging. Nothing ever stagnates. It is a person’s duty to himself/herself to know what his/her role is in this large not so efficient at times motion.

A person might be a tech whiz. He might be able to build miracles out of sand. He might be able to control a factory by a single click, he might even be able to change the face of a country with his innovation but this doesn’t make him or her invincible. This is because a person has a personality and no personality in the world is perfect. Everyone needs some help in some field or another. World renowned scientist Albert Einstein took his wife’s help in mathematics and the top leaders in the industry today take the help of their assistants.

The above example portrays the importance of having an assistant who has the right skills to fill for the voids in a leader’s personality. They say that the difference between a good leader and a great leader is his or her team. The assistant is like the vice captain of that team. A person having the right executive assistant training could change the way a leader works, making him more efficient, organized and focused. Any leader in the world will admit that having the assistant along is like a boon to them.

So, who is a good assistant? What qualities are required by a person to be called a good assistant? The very simple and straight forward answer to this is:

· A good assistant is proactive. If the leader needs a file, the assistant should already have it, if he needs to have alternate plans the assistant should be ready. That is what makes a good assistant.

· The assistant should have good communication with the leader and a great rapport with the people of the organization.

· An assistant should be ready to handle difficult situations and redirect stress from the leader.

Since all this requires a specific skill-set it might be possible that one is not born an assistant. For this reason there are companies which offer training to people who want to work at these pivotal roles in an organization, learn about the corporate and earn a decent living. This training is conducted by specialized firms which offer executive assistant training. Joining such firms and understanding how organizations work might be a person’s calling in this world. After all, you can be either a mover or a shaker.