One of the main questions that many travelers grapple with when it comes to hiring private jets is the costs involved. How much to hire a private jet? People are not familiar with the process or those who are doing it for the first time are most likely to grapple with cost issues mostly because they are unsure of what is involved. It does not help that most of the jet charter companies are not very transparent with their pricing strategies which leaves a void.

In some cases, even those who have used the services a few times will also grapple with the issue of how much to hire a private jet because they are still unfamiliar with how the private jet pricing regime works which is quite different from the pricing strategies of the commercial airlines.

When hiring private jets, it helps to choose a company that has transparent pricing so that you can determine what you are going to pay in advance. How much to hire private jet generally varies widely depending on a number of factors. It could be as low as £2000 or as high as £400,000 if you are hiring a luxury jet for a round trip around the world. A lot of charters will charge median prices which lie somewhere between these two extremes such as £4000 to £12000 if you are travelling within Europe on a small jet or medium-sized jet.

Some of the factors which will influence how much to hire a private jet include the type of the aircraft, the location that you are travelling to, the timing as well as the travel distance. The private jet charter generally covers the entire aircraft rather than a seat on the jet or cost per head. That is why you will generally make greater savings when you hire private jets in larger groups.

Airport positioning

Regular commercial airlines operate from fixed departure points in the major airports but that is not the case with the private jets which have greater flexibility and can operate from multiple smaller airports.  They are like taxis. As a result, they may have to reposition themselves to departure airports which are most convenient for you, ready for take-off. The jet charter company will pass on the costs of repositioning the aircraft to you and this will vary based on your location.

Apart from the repositioning charges, there are numerous other costs that you will grapple with when it comes to the private jet charters. These include the following:-

Airport landing fees: You will be landing in various airports and will foot the airport landing fees based on the weight of the aircraft.

Flight time:- This refers to the hourly rate for hiring the private jet multiplied by the total number of hours of the entire flight to and fro.

Airport handling fees:- Once on the ground, the aircraft will be managed by an aircraft handling company. You can rely on them for a variety of services such as arranging fuel and toilet servicing.

Passenger taxes: There are certain countries that will charge you passenger taxes. You need to determine whether this applies for your destination and budget for it accordingly.

Hotel costs: where applicable, the charter company will foot the overnight hotel costs and then bill them to you.

A professional air charter company can help you work out all these costs so that you can get a good idea on what the legs of the journey are going to cost you.