Your car’s windscreen is exposed to scratches and dents every time you are on the road. If your original windscreen has been replaced due to damage in the past, you have to ensure you had a quality replacement to ensure utmost safety while riding.

In the first place, car manufacturers work on the double to ensure that their windscreens offer better protection to the drivers. When making new cars, they use advanced technologies for their windscreens. They make these components with stronger, lighter, and optically advanced glass to truly make it tough for better protection.

What type of glass is used to make a windscreen

While a windscreen is made of glass, it is not like any glass. It’s so easy to underestimate its strength when you think it is fragile like windowpane glasses.

However, the glass used on windscreens is different. It is a tempered glass that has undergone a distinct process to make it much stronger than ordinary glass.

Since your car will be exposed to many types of debris while on the road, two types of safety glasses are used to protect the structure of the car and the passengers. Laminated glass is the first type that is perfect for windscreens. For the sides of the back window and the sides of the car, tempered glass is used.

Both tempered glass and laminated glass function differently, but when used together, they keep you protected during an accident. They shield you from flying shards of glass and keep the roof intact.

How strong is a windshield

The glass used in windscreens and windows is designed and manufactured with safety in mind. As the world becomes more technologically advanced, the quality of windscreens is also improving. A windscreen is not just a window of your car; it also helps maintain the structural integrity of a car.

Car makers focus on creating stronger windscreens to increase the safety of drivers and passengers alike. Since windscreens are chemically strengthened, they provide a high level of protection. So, anything that hits your windscreen won’t harm you or your passengers if an accident occurs.

How windscreens are created

During the manufacturing stage, the exchange of ions takes place and a layer of compressive stress is created on the glass’ surface to make it more resistant to damages. The result is a thin piece of glass that can withstand great pressure.

However, this is not a guarantee that the glass is unbreakable or immune to scratches. But because of its extra layer of defence called “lamination”, the glass does not shatter when the windscreen breaks. Instead, the plastic laminate in the middle of the layer keeps the glass stuck together. However, chipped windscreens pose safety risk, so have them replaced as soon as possible.


The cost of windscreen repairs in Cumbria depends on the extent of the damage. Choosing the right company to repair or replace your windscreen also matters a lot. Select a windscreen replacement company with a good reputation to ensure best results.

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