Car enthusiasts have all reasons to admire the outstanding New Mitsubishi ASX that has all the features to yield a comfortable and luxurious drive. Being a latest and modern car, its features are fully made to meet the new technological demands so that people who use it can have a perfect driving experience. All the raw materials used in its making are of the highest quality, making the car strong and durable with little or no breakdowns at all. Every car is tested for quality to ensure that it is within the required quality range to avoid giving a lot of drawbacks to the users.


New Mitsubishi ASX


Features of the Mitsubishi Car

Just like the new Mitsubishi triton, the new Mitsubishi ASX comes with a superior design that is spellbinding and impressive. Its colors were well-branded to make the car shine with super designed quality headlights that offer perfect clarity when driving even on dusty or icy roads. Every car has powerful alloy rims that can withstand any road conditions, both rough and smooth and without the tyres breaking down.

The interiors of the car are spacious with perfect adjustable leather seats that provide luxury and comfort to passengers inside. Seats can be adjusted to reduce fatigue during long-distance travels. The new Mitsubishi ASX comes with a built-in air-conditioning system and a sunroof to ensure that temperature and light inside the car are well regulated to enhance the comfort regardless of the region the user is. Airbags, six of them, are available to promote the safety of the car and the user even on steep and sloppy lands. Every car has its own GPS system that allows the user to find all the services he or she may need. These things include directions, petrol stations and all the other places one wants to visit.

Technological Features Available

The new Mitsubishi lancer has led to the reduction of regular road accidents due to its outstanding features. One of them is the pedestrian detection system that enables the car to slow down whenever it senses a pedestrian or a cyclist in front of it. The car also has a balance detection system that makes it go with the speed required in sharp corners to avoid rolling over. The engine is made with the latest features to make it cover long distances without consuming much fuel, making the car economical.

At the driver’s dashboard, there is a Bluetooth system that enables the user to connect with his phone to handle calls automatically without disturbing the drive. A built-in stereo system is also available in the New Mitsubishi Outlander, making the car a source of entertainment as well. Its system can be connected to your phone so that if anyone touches it at the parking, you are notified on your phone. This has made the car’s safety excellent throughout.

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