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Improve passenger safety using quality windscreens

Your car’s windscreen is exposed to scratches and dents every time you are on the road. If your original windscreen has been replaced due to damage in the past, you have to ensure you had a quality replacement to ensure utmost safety while riding.

In the first place, car manufacturers work on the double to ensure that their windscreens offer better protection to the drivers. When making new cars, they use advanced technologies for their windscreens. They make these components with stronger, lighter, and optically advanced glass to truly make it tough for better protection.

What type of glass is used to make a windscreen

While a windscreen is made of glass, it is not like any glass. It’s so easy to underestimate its strength when you think it is fragile like windowpane glasses.

However, the glass used on windscreens is different. It is a tempered glass that has undergone a distinct process to make it much stronger than ordinary glass.

Since your car will be exposed to many types of debris while on the road, two types of safety glasses are used to protect the structure of the car and the passengers. Laminated glass is the first type that is perfect for windscreens. For the sides of the back window and the sides of the car, tempered glass is used.

Both tempered glass and laminated glass function differently, but when used together, they keep you protected during an accident. They shield you from flying shards of glass and keep the roof intact.

How strong is a windshield

The glass used in windscreens and windows is designed and manufactured with safety in mind. As the world becomes more technologically advanced, the quality of windscreens is also improving. A windscreen is not just a window of your car; it also helps maintain the structural integrity of a car.

Car makers focus on creating stronger windscreens to increase the safety of drivers and passengers alike. Since windscreens are chemically strengthened, they provide a high level of protection. So, anything that hits your windscreen won’t harm you or your passengers if an accident occurs. read more

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4 Things to Remember When Buying an All-New Carnival Today

Purchasing a household car indicates you are preparing to broaden the size of your family. The all-new carnival is amongst the leading options if you are looking for a trustworthy household vehicle. With its eight-seater capability, the Kia Carnival Brisbane dealerships offer is genuinely a household’s option. all-new carnival With its roomy interior and smooth style, the all-new Carnival model launched this year practically has everything you ever need in a family car. But before you purchase the brand-new Kia Carnival Brisbane dealerships offer, take a look at these guidelines: 1. Always Ask for a Test Drive Even if you are purchasing an all-new Carnival, requesting for a test drive is a sensible option. This will enable you to have a first-hand experience of the vehicle you want to acquire. Do not be reluctant to take the car out and manoeuvre it around blocks. This will provide you with a concept if browsing the controls will be simpler or if you will experience obstacles while driving. Is the steering wheel easy to manage? Is the seat comfy? Can you sit and go into the driver’s seat with no issues? All these will be identified throughout the test drive. 2. Your Family’s Safety Should Be Your Focus With the modern-day upgrades done on the all new Kia Carnival design, your safety should no longer be an issue. The existence of brand-new functions like emergency braking, lane departure cautions, blind area tracking in addition to reverse parking cams–all these are added to provide you comfort throughout your trip. If you prepare to have kids on board, an ANCAP score of 5 ought to be your target. Make sure to check what safety functions are included in the Kia Carnival model before settling your purchase. 3. Your Budget Is the Deciding Factor While it might be appealing to purchase top of the line household automobiles, your budget plan will determine the type of car you can afford. Constantly choose a family car that you can manage. Speak to a Kia Carnival dealer Brisbane has today to understand about your choices based upon your forecasted spending plan. If you have issues with your finances, purchasing a brand new automobile may not be possible. You can choose great quality used Kia Carnival to match the requirements of your growing household. 4. Focus on Practical Solutions for Your Family  It is true that sleek and slim sedan designs are eye-catchy. However, you need to consider your growing household when purchasing a car. Make certain that it can accommodate all the kids you intend on having in the future. You must also leave space for cargo and other stuff you wish to carry. The vehicle needs to have sufficient space for the safety seat. Airbags need to also become part of your concerns. These things need to become part of a basic household car. These are simply a couple of tips to keep in mind when purchasing an all new Carnival today. In truth, there are many things you ought to think about before buying your first family car. That is why it is best to do your research before investing your hard-earned money. Come by at a Kia Carnival car dealership or go to for more information.
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Top Reasons for Buying the All New Jeep Wrangler

You basically cannot question the stability of the Jeep Wrangler Brisbane dealers offer today. It is a legend that began in 1940 when the very first 4×4 design was delivered to the United States Armed forces. The Jeep has a lot of history and energy, therefore, much enjoyable to those who currently own one. Whether it’s a Jeep Cherokee or a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport, there is nothing you will not love about the all-American Jeep brand.
jeep wrangler brisbane
jeep wrangler brisbane
The news of the brand-new 2.0-liter turbo Wrangler has actually appeared since late on, together with Wrangler “Sahara” design. This is stated to provide another full-time 4×4 system and might be readily available on the four-door show. Without a doubt, the Jeep will be badging their lead Wranglers with the “Sahara” trim level in Australia. Sport and Rubicon trim levels will likewise be offered on the 2 and four-door variations of the Jeep Wrangler Brisbane dealerships offer together with Jeep’s popular low upkeep 4×4 system. If you are not yet convinced whether a Jeep Wrangler is the perfect choice for you, have a look at these guidelines to help you make up your mind:
  • Convertible Top. Enjoying a warm and warm day? You can quickly get rid of the Jeep’s top. The soft top falls off easily, as well as the hard surface takes off after you loosen up a lot of shocks. If you desire an automobile you can personalize the way you want, the Jeep does it for you. The current Wranglers have tough tops that can be eliminated in areas if you just want to expose parts of your group to open air while keeping the rest of the group securely under the shade.
  • Rich History. Jeeps were really the very first SUVs. They’ve really been recognized the world over. Those vertical openings in the grille can be seen on each Jeep made because 1941. Jeep fans like the genuine concept of these cars. Jeep owners have strong sensations for their Jeeps. They do not merely like them– they really love them. More information at Brisbane City Jeep.
  • The Doors Fall Off. It’s the only car you can buy whose doors are meant to be rid of when you wish to. It is best for days when you want to attain that additional outdoorsy, wind-in-your-hair sort of sensation.
  • Features. The Jeep Wrangler Brisbane dealerships offer has great deals of cool functions. If you are searching for power windows and locks, leather seats or fabric, the Jeep will never ever dissatisfy. You can likewise have comfort while owning due to the fact that of its ABS brakes, automated or manual transmission alternatives in addition to the attempted and relied on 4×4.
  • Comfortable Ride. The Jeeps of old were unequal and uncomfortable over long drives. Nevertheless, the trip is comfy to the present requirements. Given that the late 1990s, the Jeep Wrangler has actually ridden on independent coil suspension. This suggests smoother rides on asphalt and more in shape rough surface handling.
Unlike many offroad cars today, it is likewise simple to personalize a Jeep Wrangler. You can quickly discover aftermarket Jeep accessories Brisbane stores offer like mud tires, raised suspension, winch, as well as a snorkel pipeline. If you desire a more daring trip, you can ask for a test drive from relied on dealerships so you can see for yourself if you and the Jeep Wrangler will make a fantastic combination. You can likewise attempt a Jeep Cherokee for variety. You can request Jeep Cherokee price Brisbane dealerships offer and compare it with another Jeep price Brisbane stores offer. Visit at
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5 Reasons You Need to Look for a Chauffeured Ride

There are numerous means to take a trip if you’re in the city of Adelaide. You could use your personal vehicle, you could work with a rental car or you could seek a chauffeur service Adelaide has today. In this short article, discover why it may be a great idea to go with the latter and then seek a chauffeur service in Adelaide:

chauffeur service adelaide

You do not know the location well

If you don’t know the area you are checking out effectively, hiring a chauffeur to drive you about is the most effective way to set about your trips. You get to stay clear of all the complication that includes reviewing roadmaps and also requesting instructions every now and then. More notably, you lower chances of getting involved in a crash. You get to travel efficiently and reach your location in vogue.

You want to have a fun time with your friends as you travel

On a much more subtle degree, you could employ a chauffeur service Adelaide has if you wish to take a trip pleasantly with your friends without being tied up by your driving responsibilities. By having a chauffeured car, you are free to involve your travelers better. This indicates that you could chat freely, you can enjoy the views much more, and also take on different tasks as you take a trip. If you are a business expert, having a driver behind the wheel will certainly enable you to even work on the move.

You intend to enjoy the VIP treatment to mark a unique celebration

One more great reason to seek a chauffeur service Adelaide has currently is if you want to travel in style. Absolutely nothing states deluxe better than a chauffeured drive. This is an optimal method to travel if you are marking a special occasion such as a birthday celebration, a wedding anniversary or if you’re taking a trip to a unique celebration such as a business supper, a wedding or a performance.

You intend to consume alcohol as well as hence won’t have the ability to drive

You must also consider hiring reliable Adelaide chauffeur service if you’re preparing to consume alcohol during the evening and then this will not be able to drive. Doing so is a great way of staying risk-free when going to celebrations or going out on drinking sprees. By avoiding getting behind the wheel, you avoid entering crashes or getting apprehended. You’re guaranteed that you will certainly obtain home secure at the end of the event due to the fact that a skilled, as well as sober individual, will be driving the automobile. read more

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Motorcycle Maintenance Fundamentals: Signs You Need Motorbike Repairs

As a regional transport hub, with connections across the Great Dividing Range and access to the Sunshine Coast and other parts of Queensland, Caboolture is a great starting point for both road and off-road motorbike rides. So it’s not a surprise that the number of motorbike repairs Caboolture offers is too many to count.

This comes as a boon for anyone who will need motorcycle repairs at some point while travelling the roads of Caboolture.

However, it is important to remember never to travel without checking your motorbike’s condition first. This is especially true if you’re gearing up for a long-haul drive.

But you have to admit that not all problems are visible or readily noticeable. So keep an eye out for signs that say Caboolture motorbike repairs are in order.

You motorcycle engine is in need of a repair when:

It loses power.

This indicates problems in the inner workings of an engine. Since the issue can range from something small to something big and costly, it is best to have your engine checked once power gives out. Experts of motorbike repairs Caboolture offers should know what to do to fix the problem. Click here Crazy Dogs

Gas efficiency is reduced.

Reduction of fuel efficiency can mean problems with the engine’s compression. This can also mean problems with your pocket since you’ll be refuelling more than usual.

So have it checked by mechanics of motorbike repairs in Caboolture right away. Your motorcycle may just need a fuel system service or a tune-up.

It emits offensive odours.

Does the exhaust emit bad odour? It is possible that the exhaust stroke is less functional than it used to be. Among the signs of an engine problem, bad odours coming out of the exhaust requires an urgent visit to a motorbike mechanic.

Makes unusual noises.

It’s one thing for your motorcycle’s engine to roar and another when it starts backfiring, hissing, popping, knocking, and spitting. These noises indicate serious problems with the engine’s combustion flow. Do not delay. Visit the best motorbike repairs Caboolture offers right away. read more

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Top Reasons to Choose the Citroen C5 Tourer for a Family Car

When buying a new car for your family, it is only natural to select a unit that will give you the horsepower, performance, and comfort that you need for day-to-day driving. Typically, it should have the modern features that provide you the utmost convenience, while offering value for your hard-earned money. Now, based on these requirements, one of the best options that you can have is the Citroen C5 Tourer estate car. Here’s why:

  • Upmarket Aesthetics

Despite retaining most of the original designs its predecessors have, the C5 Tourer still looks pretty fresh compared to its rivals, such as the Volkswagen Passat Estate, Mazda 6 Tourer, and Ford Mondeo Estate. Like the Citroen C4 Picasso Grand, it has smart design details that make it look upmarket. As for the interiors, it has plenty of modern features that scream of luxury.

  • Great Performance

The Citroen C5 Tourer runs on the efficient new HDi 200 engine that comes with a six-speed automatic transmission. This allows it to drive gracefully on the road. Aside from this, the Tourer’s automatically controlled springing and damping, along with its well-designed leather seats, deliver a smooth ride. Click here Brisbane City Citroen

  • Excellent Acceleration and Speed

The C5 Tourer can accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour (mph) in just about 8.6 seconds and reach a top speed of 140 mph. While it can drive happily at 65 mph on Australia’s motorways, it can provide the power in case you need it. When you floor the gas pedal, you will be surprised at how rapid it passes and leaves other vehicles behind.

  • High Level of Comfort

As with the C4 Picasso Grand, comfort is also a trump card of the C5 Tourer. In fact, its Exclusive Techno model is regarded by many people as the most comfortable unit in the estate car sector, with its Hydractive 3 adjustable suspension setup that efficiently absorbs bumps on the road. Aside from this, it also sports acoustic windscreen that is effective in keeping exterior noise from getting inside.

  • Good Storage Capacity

This estate car offers plenty of storage room inside. While its boot is not as large as that of other cars in its class, it is carefully designed to ensure you can load heavy items easily. read more

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Top Surefire Ways You Can Save Fuel for Your Car

There are so many advantages you enjoy when you drive your own car. Not only will you get to different places, you will also be comfortable and dry while travelling. However, constant travelling can easily deplete your fuel. Even if you drive the latest Hyundai model, you also need to ensure that your fuel efficiency is maximised so you can have more value for your money.  Other than taking your car to the nearest Hyundai servicing Beaudesert has today, there are also ways on how you can improve your car’s fuel efficiency. Maximising your car’s fuel efficiency is not only applicable for brand new Hyundai models. Even if you have a used Hyundai from used car sales, it will help you save money if you have a fuel-efficient ride. Take a look at these fuel-saving tips below so can save more money on petrol and use your freed up cash for something else. This is also a good practice for diesel cars. 1. Travel Light. Although going on an adventure requires you to bring more luggage than normal, you can improve your car’s fuel efficiency by traveling light. Make sure to pack only essential items without overloading your vehicle. 2. Avoid Driving During Rush Hour. Being stuck in traffic means wasting your car’s fuel without getting to your intended destination in a speedy manner. If you travel a lot during rush hours, it would be wiser to just get a hybrid car that consumes lesser fuel than petrol or diesel variants. 3. Check Tyre Pressure on a Regular Basis. If your tyres have lower pressure, it means your car will need more fuel to run. to ensure that your tyre pressure is within the normal range, spare five minutes every two weeks to check your tyres. To locate the normal pressure for your vehicle, check near the lock inside the driver’s door. You can usually find the figures printed there. 4. Regular Maintenance. One way to ensure that your engine is fuel efficient is to have your car checked by expert mechanics. Taking your car to the nearest Hyundai servicing Beaudesert has today will help ensure that your car remains fuel efficient. 5. Minimise Car Use. This is probably the easiest way that you can save on fuel costs. You can try other means of transportation especially if your destination is not too far. You can use a bike, walk, take public transport or opt for ridesharing to get to and from work. Not only will you save on fuel this way, you can also relax in the back seat even in the midst of traffic. 6. Use Recommended Fuel. This part is pretty obvious. If your car is built to run on premium unleaded yet you use a regular unleaded fuel, expect that you will have more fuel consumption. You will end up buying more fuel than necessary just because you did not use the recommended fuel grade. The above are just a few ways on how you can save fuel with your new or used Hyundai car. If you are buying a used car, be sure to ask for the service history from the used car dealerships. This is the ensure that you stay updated with the car’s maintenance and service record. For your convenience, always trust recommended car repair services Beaudesert has today so you will not have problems having your car repaired or serviced. You may also visit to find out the nearest centre for Hyundai servicing Beaudesert has to offer.

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Buying a Kawasaki motorcycle online

Since the invention of Kawasaki motorbikes, there have been tremendous improvements in the brand. Kawasaki motorcycle ranges today include sport bikes, cruisers and dirt bikes. They are usually classified as the best beginner’s bikes in the market because of friendly features they possess. Just like any other motorcycle, Kawasaki owners too need to replace engines that are worn out or that have been damaged due to accidents.  Also bikers usually like looking for new parts so that they can improve the performance of their bikes.

Kawasaki owners that are looking forward to buying new parts or new or used engines can visit dealerships, motorcycle repair shops as well as online stores. These places stock a wide variety of new, used and refurbished engines and parts.

You can get Kawasaki motorcycle engines online in stores, but it is important that you do extensive research by visiting various websites of dealerships. Also, go through the pages of their websites and get their contact information. To find the best dealers, you can read the customer reviews posted online on websites, or search the reviews of customers who have used the services of the store you are looking at. You can also find the top rated sellers and parts by checking customer ratings.

It’s important to carefully examine the return and shipping policies that various companies offer. This is especially important information before making a purchase because sometimes you may want to return a product for various reasons after purchase. You could also get the online reviews that concern shipping and return policy experiences of previous customers.

When it comes to the Internet searching by specifying the exact parts that you are looking for, your search will be made much easier. Also it becomes much easier to know in case there are new parts available in the market when you sign up for alerts so that you can always get these notifications.

Security of the website

The website security of the site you are considering buying your parts from ought to be safe. This helps to reduce the identity theft risk. This can be achieved by checking out for the URL. A secure website is one whose URL begins with https and not http. A lock icon at the bottom of the page also means the website page is secure. You can also check out for security policies on the FAQs on websites. read more

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Car Care 101: Basic Maintenance for Second Hand Cars

Traveling from place to place is made easy all thanks to the cars that have been invented years ago. Some cares are fancy while others are just average. The one thing in common that these vehicles have is their need for proper maintenance especially when you are not their first user. Second-hand cars are more temperamental than brand new ones. Although you can visit car service North Lakes shops offer these days for any problem, you still need to know the basics of maintaining a car.

car service north lakes

Without proper care for your vehicle, there is a huge chance for it to break down by the time you use it. To avoid this problem, here is a guide to keeping your second-hand cars in its best condition. Read and keep your motor running.

Tune Up the Machine Regularly

Just like how your body needs regular physician visit, your vehicle also needs a regular tune-up. If you happen to be in North Lakes, you can look for the best car service North Lakes has to offer. You can also visit ICAR SERVICE to get your car checked. However, if your car mechanic is not available on the schedule that you prefer, you can also do your own basic tune-up. Buy an engine oil from North Lakes car service shops and change your oil on your own. You can also clean the radiator and tighten the break.

Ask for Help When Needed

If the work is just too difficult for you, then you might as well consult an expert to do the job. Most car service North Lakes has today are good with cars of different brands. If the cost is what’s stopping you, you have to consider what this onetime expense can do for you. Say you choose to spend less now and settle for a mediocre car maintenance. This action would only cost you later on when your vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road. Worst case is that it can lead you to get into an accident. Seek expert help to keep yourself safe at all times.

Do Not Push Its Limits

Above all, you must remember not to push your car beyond its capacity. Second-hand vehicles have already spent some time on the road under the hands of its previous owner. You never know how it was handled before. To be sure that your car’s condition stays okay, you must not overuse it. Shift the gear on time if you are driving manually, gas up before your fuel runs out, check tire pressure before driving away, and the likes. Also, replace worn out parts before it breaks. You can find a car service North Lakes wide that sell spare parts. read more

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Great Features that You will Get from the New Mitsubishi Triton

Among the new car deals Brisbane has today, the 2017 Mitsubishi Triton is one of the best options that you can have. This new ute is upgraded to present itself as a good alternative to dual-cab 4-wheel drive vehicles from the past few years. Basically, it is created to meet the demands of those who usually use their utes for work purposes. So, what does the new Triton for sale Brisbane has to offer you?

triton for sale brisbane

  • Efficient, Muted Engine

Though the new Triton does not boast the torque and power of the more popular pickup trucks, such as the Volkswagen Amarok or Ford Ranger, its 2.4-litre diesel engine is refined and efficient. When used for city-driving, it offers a usable torque curve that works harmoniously with its 5-speed automatic transmission. What’s more, the engine is muted, which makes highway driving less noisy.

  • Better Front Section

Like the new Mitsubishi Pajero for sale Brisbane has, the new Triton has an improved front section, which is more functional and comfortable than that of the previous model. Part of the upgrade is the simple array of controls that are perfectly mounted on the steering wheel. With everything considered, the complete suite of equipment this ute has includes a colour touchscreen, dual-zone climate control, satellite navigation, digital radio, cruise control, Bluetooth, hill descent assist system, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay. Click here Toowong Mitsubishi

  • Innovative Drive Features

When you test drive a new Triton for sale Brisbane has, you will notice how the engine and the gearbox deliver power effortlessly and smoothly, allowing you to easily get the vehicle up to speed in traffic. In fact, the ute can hold 110 kilometres per hour on a highway without breaking a sweat. While its steering is a bit slow, it is generally acceptable for a workhorse.

  • Excellent Fuel Efficiency

While the Triton’s 2.4-litre engine can churn out an easy 133 kiloWatts (kW) of power at 3500 revolutions per minute (rpm) and 430 Newton metres (Nm) at 2500 rpm, the Australian Design Rule (ADR) fuel consumption figure for the ute is an extremely frugal “7.6 litres per 100 kilometres”. However, when actually using it for your daily driving needs, you can expect it to be 10 litres per 100 kilometres, which is still pretty outstanding. read more

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Skoda – Making the Buying of a Car a Pleasure

The speed and regularity with which the automobile manufacturers make changes to their different models can only be matched by the mobile phone makers these days. Ultimately, it goes to show 2 things; one that the market is so dynamic that customer preferences keep changing so rapidly and the other is that the manufacturers are quite alive to these changes and act smartly to make those changes. Two other factors can be added here; one is the quick changes in the technology available and the urge to reach it to the customers and competition breathing down the neck of the auto companies and the need to stay ahead. Whatever the underlying reasons, Skoda Australia dealers do not disappoint their customers in the country and the new improvements brought about in the different models are received well by the market in general.

Going Beyond Just Selling Cars

When such global brands like Skoda step into a market, they take a long-term view of the territory and they would invest in many areas which may sound odd to a lay person. The automobile manufacturers realise that for their brands to be established in a highly evolved auto-market like Australia the sales of cars will have to be robustly backed by a service network. To start with, the dealers of Skoda Australia wide can appoint dealers across the country for their range of cars and SUVs, but being a foreign brand, it might not be easy to find the technical hands to manage the servicing of the vehicles. Servicing support can only endear any auto brand to the car owners. So, the auto companies establish training centres and offer apprenticeship courses to interested persons who can then go on and get placed in the company’s dealership points and service stations.

Concentrate on Some Popular Models

While designing and launching of different models, the manufacturers study the customer preferences and make those fine adjustments. The Skoda Yeti Brisbane dealers sell, for example, can be quickly turned into a van and this helps a lot of customers, who would otherwise be thinking of investing in a van for specific purposes. Similarly, the Skoda Superb wagon, while representing the sedan segment will also boast of some of the best security features one can hope to see in a passenger car. Though this kind of segmentation is done by the market forces over time, the manufacturers and the dealers also sail along and position their different models accordingly. read more

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Making Money with Uber: Reasons Why It’s a Valid Side Income Source

In this day and age, thanks to the modern innovations, it is currently possible to generate an extra income with things you already have. Your revenue possibilities are only limited by your imagination and ability to seize these opportunities. One certain earning possibility that is catching a lot of attention these days is Uber. You do not need to drive your personal automobile in order to make money– there are several Uber car program options to rent Uber ready car units that you can take advantage of.

rent uber ready car

Driving with Uber is a valid income if you know how to place in the time as well as effort. To start taking advantage of great Uber financials alternatives available today, there are a couple of points you need to know.

But first, know your history. Do you know how Uber came to be?

Uber is an internet-based company that establishes apps on smartphones. This app links motorists and also cyclists, which is a solution much like hailing a taxi cab. The only distinction with Uber is that private vehicle proprietors could register for Uber and service travelers using their own automobile.

The necessary steps to start driving with Uber

There are a number of ways in which you could gain income with Uber. But initially, you need to sign up as an Uber vehicle driver and rent your car to Uber. This is a crucial action before you can own for Uber as well as earn money for your driving solutions. If you currently don’t have a car, you can take advantage of different firms offering for rent Uber ready car units. There are a couple of needs in order to come to be a certified Uber chauffeur. First, you have to go to the very least 18 years of age. A legitimate driver’s certificate is additionally required prior to you can register for Uber.

These are basic steps that you can do to obtain started with earning via Uber. The next point you need to think about is to register your car. If you have your own vehicle, you can transform it into a lucrative equipment. Once you are registered as well as authorized for Uber, you are ready to take owning orders and gain cash money for every journey you have serviced. read more

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Features of the New Mitsubishi ASX that Make it the People’s Choice

Car enthusiasts have all reasons to admire the outstanding New Mitsubishi ASX that has all the features to yield a comfortable and luxurious drive. Being a latest and modern car, its features are fully made to meet the new technological demands so that people who use it can have a perfect driving experience. All the raw materials used in its making are of the highest quality, making the car strong and durable with little or no breakdowns at all. Every car is tested for quality to ensure that it is within the required quality range to avoid giving a lot of drawbacks to the users.

New Mitsubishi ASX

Features of the Mitsubishi Car

Just like the new Mitsubishi triton, the new Mitsubishi ASX comes with a superior design that is spellbinding and impressive. Its colors were well-branded to make the car shine with super designed quality headlights that offer perfect clarity when driving even on dusty or icy roads. Every car has powerful alloy rims that can withstand any road conditions, both rough and smooth and without the tyres breaking down.

The interiors of the car are spacious with perfect adjustable leather seats that provide luxury and comfort to passengers inside. Seats can be adjusted to reduce fatigue during long-distance travels. The new Mitsubishi ASX comes with a built-in air-conditioning system and a sunroof to ensure that temperature and light inside the car are well regulated to enhance the comfort regardless of the region the user is. Airbags, six of them, are available to promote the safety of the car and the user even on steep and sloppy lands. Every car has its own GPS system that allows the user to find all the services he or she may need. These things include directions, petrol stations and all the other places one wants to visit.

Technological Features Available

The new Mitsubishi lancer has led to the reduction of regular road accidents due to its outstanding features. One of them is the pedestrian detection system that enables the car to slow down whenever it senses a pedestrian or a cyclist in front of it. The car also has a balance detection system that makes it go with the speed required in sharp corners to avoid rolling over. The engine is made with the latest features to make it cover long distances without consuming much fuel, making the car economical. read more

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