Whether you are putting up a recording studio for your business or simply having one at home, you must know the essential recording studio equipment to buy.

Your own recording studio can be put up using only seven significant types of equipment.

What are the sorts of recording studio equipment that you must include? Here they are:


You need a pair of headphones for monitoring and mixing. It’s not good to do serious mixing through the use of headphones though.

Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

This is the computer software that runs the heart of the recording studio. This is where all the sounds that are recorded, mixed, and edited are turned into a finished product. The DAW may vary on the computer platform, the style of music played, and your budget.

Audio Interface

This is one of the most crucial recording studio equipment in Australia. This records the sounds in the computer’s software. The computer units, using monitors and headphones, will also produce the sounds.

These devices have varying shapes and sizes. The model you choose will depend largely on the material that you will be producing and recording. Also, the number one element to consider is the number of inputs you like.


The more microphones in a studio, the better. But as a starter, you can get your home studio two microphones: the condenser and the dynamic.

MIDI Keyboard Controller

This is a keyboard controller different from the regular keyboard. It does not produce any sounds. Instead, it sends MIDI data straight into your computer. This enables you to control the synthesizer plugins found inside the DAW.

Extras Such as Cables, Mic Stand, Pop Filter

The mic stand will be used when recording with a mic. Cables are necessary for the right connections. A pop filter can be used when recording sounds.

Studio Monitors

You should install studio monitors if you want to produce good music. Monitors are different from normal stereo speakers. Studio monitors don’t allow tweaks. Instead, they have the flat frequency response.

How to Give the Studio Some Acoustic Treatment

Now that you know the right recording studio equipment to buy, the next step is to give the room some acoustic treatment. This can be done through investing on acoustic panels. When you find your recordings unclear or too loud, there are some things you can do.

Bass Traps

Perhaps this is the single most important element when it comes to Brisbane Sound Group acoustic treatment. This is necessary for a room where bass frequencies are always a problem. They can absorb mid or high frequencies of sounds too.

Acoustic Panels

They are highly available and are cheap, but they may not be great at absorbing bass frequencies. What they do is kill standing waves that exist between opposite parallel walls. All you have to do is place acoustic panels behind monitors and on the wall where the main reflection points appear.

These Australian recording studio equipment are also known to be less obtrusive. There are also other elements you must manage to increase the acoustic level of your room such as echoes, diffusion, and reverberation.

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